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Welcome! If you like to share your custom-made patches for the BR-8, send me an email by pressing the Effects button. Just write them down as clearly as you can, and I will add them here. Who will be next?

Allright, I know. This is one of the most STATIC websites in the world. The latest patch was received in 2004 (it took me almost 2 years to add, sorry about that, Six!). My own BR-8 has not been touched for a long time. Is there still a place for this machine? Are you still waiting for useful patches? For a long time, I have been thinking about an easier patch-adding process, and I can do that now. You can encourage me finishing PatchBank v2.0 by sending an email.



Patch Contributed by Date
Big Bass Busted Knuckles 09-30-2001
Distorted Guitar Busted Knuckles 09-30-2001
Heavy Distorted Guitar Nathan Holly


Metal Goodness Ben 01-10-2002
Nice Clean Ben 01-12-2002
Lo-Fi Guitar 1 Sage 01-23-2002
Lo-Fi Guitar 2 Sage 01-23-2002
Lo-Fi Guitar 3 Sage 01-23-2002
Over-Bite John Logan 01-27-2002
Joe Satriani Sound Mark Schuster 07-16-2002
Marshall Crunch Rick Scott


Washburn NEW! Six